Maplewood Christian Church

We are a body of Christ followers committed to walking out the love of God and community in our lives.

The scripture uses a number of images to describe the church. We are a body of many parts working as one. We are a building built upon the foundation of Christ. We are a people on  pilgrimage. We are farmhands, working together in the harvest.

The Red Vineyard, Vincent Van Gogh

Whatever image is chosen, a common theme emerges. The church is to be characterized by unity emerging from diversity. It is a unity that we find only from being centered in Jesus.

It would be an understatement to say that this is a process. It is the process of becoming more like Jesus and of learning what that looks like in each new day. It is quite simply how we are called to live and who we are called to be.

Some days we make real progress. Other days not so much. But we just keep walking. Together.

A Community of Followers of Christ